Bartram Trail – Jones Gap to White Rock Mountain – 6/26/11

“A few miles the confluence of Mud Creek and the Little Tennessee River, just across the line into North Carolina,Tessentee Creek joins the Little Tennessee from the east. Somewhere near this junction lay the small Cherokee village of Tesantee, from which the creek takes its name.  We do not know what the name may have meant long ago.” Source:

In the Valley, Somewhere South and West from Jones Knob, a very bloody Indian war was fought between the Cherokees and the British.

“Farther down the trail, he [Bartram] observed that the surface of the land was level but rough, covered with stones of various sizes. On each side of the trail he saw “vast heaps of these stones, Indian graves, undoubtedly.”(92) In a footnote he identified this as a place where “was fought a bloody and decisive battle between these Indians and the Carolinians, under the conduct of General Middleton.”(93) This was the second battle of Echoe which took place just below the present-day community of Otto, North Carolina on June 10, 1761. The Cherokees here attacked a force of British soldiers and provincials under the command of Lt. Col. James Grant. Another group of provincials, under the command of Col. Middleton, played a key role in repulsing the attack. The Cherokees lost a score or more killed and a great many wounded. Grant’s army lost 10 killed and 53 wounded.(94)” Source:

This is without a doubt the most beautiful hike I have ever done. I had to cut it short due to looming storms, in fact I was actually “in the clouds” as the rains rolled in. It’s no illusion in the pictures that follow in the slide show those clouds are eye level..

Rhododendron Described by Bartram

Bartrams Travels, p 334.

Jones Gap to Whiterock Mtn out and back, including sides to Vistas

Below is a Google Earth view of my hike. As you can see, I started at Jones Gap on the ridge, and traveled North along the ridge, so the Elevation was fairly level which made this an easy hike, except for a brief hill climb to Whiterock Mountain from Whiterock Gap.

A view of my hike from Google Earth

Here’s a slideshow, click on any picture to freeze it or to enlarge. I’ll add more comments about the hike as I find time.

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2 Responses to Bartram Trail – Jones Gap to White Rock Mountain – 6/26/11

  1. Herman says:

    You’ve made a very nice report of your hike Michael.
    The panorama photos you’ve taken are very beautiful. And now I read your travel journal and again look to the wonderful pictures, I can imagine that you enjoyed.
    Well, I hope you’re going back in the fall and see these mountains back dressed in eye catching autumn colors.

    • mdabbles says:

      Thank you Herman. I love the walking, and you know the photography too. Will have some good bright fall colors in several months. And I enjoy your photos also!

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