Three Forks Trail – Rabun County, Ga. from Big Creek – 8/20/11

This was an interesting hike, 9.3 miles total, with strenuous ascents and descents to the falls. The environment resembled very much a rain forest — very humid, and we received a short but strong thunderstorm during the day, despite the weather forecast of only 20 % chance of rain.

The trail was easy on the ankles, and it consisted mostly of pine needles on soft loamy soil. There were very few rock and root paths that always kill my ankles. We explored three falls along the trail (sorry, I could not find names), but I understand there are many more in the area.

This hike started at the Big Creek parking lot off Highway 28, 4.4 miles north of the intersection of Highway 28 and Warwoman Road. Immediately, we crossed over a creek (must have waterproof boots), which was easy, but was totally flooded about a foot deep on the back track due to the storm. Fortunately, I could take my boots off one hundred feet up the hill at the parking lot at the end of the hike.

Toughest part of the hike? The short side trails leading to the falls, which were almost vertical in their descent. You must be in shape!

The Falls were beautiful, and I wish I had taken my Canon Digital Rebel for some professional looking shots!

Three Forks Trail Track



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